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Tooth Tattoos?

Most people freak out if they have spinach between their teeth or a lipstick smudged smile. In Japan, on the other hand, it’s quite normal to see people walking down the street with sassy colors on their teeth. Trending in japan right now are  temporary teeth tattoos.Will that trend land in the states anytime soon? Let’s hope not.

Read My Knuckles!..

It’s no longer “read my lips”, but rather “read my knuckles.” This must-have can be extremely cute or completely punk, whatever look you’re going for. Whether you want to let people know how you’re feeling or take your fist bumps to the next level, these temporary knuckle tattoos are the perfect way to achieve what you’re going for.

Although the sheet has phrases already printed on it, don’t be afraid to mix and match or even create your own! My personal favorite mix and match is “LOVE BIRD” and my absolute favorites that I thought of myself are “ILOV EYOU” and “OLIV EYOU”!

If the knuckles aren’t your thing, these tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body. Another cute example is on the inside of your wrist, just like the one featured below.

While I was searching around the website for these, I came across another cute tattoo that I had to include in this post. It’s a digital watch with the display reading “LATE”.

If you want to purchase one of the tattoos featured here or just take a look at what else the site has, it’s definitely worth a look. Go to: http://tatt.ly/

All of the tattoos featured in this post and on the site are sold for $5 and come with two sheets. Go check out the site and purchase this must-have ASAP!