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For the Disco Balls and the Daring

No, these are not going to be filed as a must-have, but they are extremely sparkly and something everyone absolutely has to see. These silver sequin pants are definitely not for everyone. They are for the those who are not afraid to wear anything and are completely confident about who they are and what they wear. Although I love anything that glitters and gleams, I myself would not wear these but I would definitely be the first one to compliment anyone wearing them. Think you are someone who can pull these off? Don’t be afraid to rock them, just be warned that they do come at a bit of a price, but don’t let that hold you back from being the confident, daring person you are.

Gotta have them? Click on the link below and they can be yours for $528!: http://www.freepeople.com/current-catalog/iro-distressed-sequin-pants/