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Would you wear it? Toy Story Fashion!

Would you wear it? Toy Story Fashion!
Would you wear it? Toy Story Fashion! by polyvore-editorial featuring earrings
Although I did not make this set myself, I did happen to come across it and found it, well, interesting.  Obviously the few items at the bottom are cute for children. What really intrigued me and made me repost this are the four other pictures. They’re odd and different, and just interesting to look at. Would I wear them, probably not. Are they practical, not particularly. I really do love these playful pieces, though. Where else can you find a hat covered in eyeballs or a necklace made of plush heads. All of these pieces are great in their own way. What do you think?

Getting Excited about Polyvore

Alright so there are only a couple of days left before all of you get to see my Polyvore on its official domain. In the meantime, I’ve been getting sets together to be published in time for the marriage of the two accounts. Of course I’m proud of them but I haven’t thought anything more of them untill today.

This morning, I logged on and was notified that my sets were of the top 5,000 viewed yesterday! Yes, 5,000 is a big number, but considering how many sets are made daily, it’s quite an accomplishment. Once, the two accounts are linked together and you can all see what I’ve been working on, maybe I’ll be in the top 1,000 viewed sets? Who knows?

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Great news! In six days, my Polyvore account will have its permanent domain name and my devoted blog readers will be able to see all of my new Polyvore sets before they are posted on the blog. I’ll be making my Polyvore account current by working on new sets and getting rid of the old. You’ll be able to view all of them in 6 days! If you’re already following thebedazzledbubble, then you’ll be one of the first to connect to it from here. Not already subscribed? Just sign up in the sidebar! >>