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+1K…Two Thousand!

It was just one month ago that I was writing to tell everyone that I had just received my 100oth view. Now, I’ve just hit 2000, and as always, it’s because of everyone who continues to read my posts, so thank you!

Ps: Sorry for the recent post dry spell. There is definitely more to come soon!


O.n.e. T.h.o.u.s.a.n.d.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who reads what I write. It’s because of you that I just received my 1000th view!

Forget HoHoHo, Can You Say GaGaGa?

Planning a winter getaway to the North Pole this holiday season? Well forget that! Why travel so far north when you could just come down to Barneys New York and visit GaGa’s Workshop?

The fame monster is taking over the fifth floor men’s department at Barneys and bringing her vision of Santa’s Workshop to all of her little monsters. The workshop is said to open mid-November and feature Lady GaGa’s decor as well as exclusive, limited-edition small gifts. To top it all off, Barneys will donate 25% of all sales in the workshop to GaGa’s choice of charities.

Getting Excited about Polyvore

Alright so there are only a couple of days left before all of you get to see my Polyvore on its official domain. In the meantime, I’ve been getting sets together to be published in time for the marriage of the two accounts. Of course I’m proud of them but I haven’t thought anything more of them untill today.

This morning, I logged on and was notified that my sets were of the top 5,000 viewed yesterday! Yes, 5,000 is a big number, but considering how many sets are made daily, it’s quite an accomplishment. Once, the two accounts are linked together and you can all see what I’ve been working on, maybe I’ll be in the top 1,000 viewed sets? Who knows?

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100 Down in No Time

For any established blogger, this is no big deal for you now. For me, having started my blog less than two weeks ago I’m pretty excited! Two main reasons:

  1. I got my 100th view today! Eventually, I’ll look back at this post and laugh, but after only having been up and running for less than two weeks, I think 100 views is pretty great! To be honest, I would have been really excited if I got 100 views in my first month.
  2. My most recent post has been featured in the fashion tags section! Wether it stays there for days or just the hour, I’m still proud of these accomplishments. If you want to read the post that was featured there click below: https://thebedazzledbubble.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/do-you-recognize-her-without-the-glitter/

Without my readers, this couldn’t have happened as quickly as it did, so thank you. (So that kind of sounded like I just won an Oscar or something..) For those of you that keep coming back, you’re always welcome. I’d love it if you kept commenting, liking, and sharing! If you haven’t already subscribed, sign up in the sidebar! >>

Let’s try to get another 100 views before 4 weeks is over! I promise there will be a lot of new content coming and, as always, I’ll be keeping everything fresh and keeping you in touch with fashion!

PS: I hope you’re as excited as I am for the soon-to-come marriage of my Polyvore account with the blog. I’ll be working hard to clear out all of the old and get some new sets together in these next few days before I have my permanent address at Polyvore!

Do You Recognize Her Without the Glitter?

Who knew Ke$ha could “wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy” and look stunning? Without the “glitter on her eyes” and the smell of alcohol on her breath after “brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack”, Ke$ha sure can clean up. In fact, I had to take a double take before I recognized this star. If only she would show us this side of her for more than just a photo shoot. What do you think?

Vanessa Hudgens Follow-Up

If you read the recent post puzzling over the star with a complete makeover, then you’d know that Vanessa Hudgens changed her look for her role in Gimme Shelter. As everyone was curious to see how the look would play out when it was finally styled, Vanessa made her first styled appearance last night at Neutrogena’s 2nd Annual Wave For Change event in Los Angeles aside Hayden Panettiere. Though many were skeptical, she indeed was able to pull off the pixie cut.



If you didn’t get a chance to see her on set yet, take a look at the original post: https://thebedazzledbubble.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/do-you-recognize-this-star/