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VMA’s Worst Dressed

After the best dressed stars showed up at the VMA’s, the worst dressed trailed not far behind. The worst dressed stars include:

She’s spotted, it’s floral, its dark and light, how many more elements can Miley Cyrus add to this outfit? At least it’s a step up from her typical trashy look.

Deena from the Jersey Shore showed up and shined on the black carpet. Of course I love everything that’s bedazzled, but showing up in a rainbow sequined dress is just plain ugly.

Kreayshawn tried to put together a playful look by wearing this sequin encrusted Mickey Mouse dress. Instead, she ended up looking a bright mess with her red sneakers, giant hoops, and ugly color blocked hair.

Leaving us speechless, and not in a good way, Nicki Minaj. Words just can’t even describe this ensemble.

Next, Lady Gaga was a true disappointment when she didn’t have any costume changes this year. After the unforgettable meat dress last year, it would have been hard to top. Not even wearing one fabulous outfit, Gaga showed up as Jo Calderone and let down lots of eager little monsters.

Although Tyler The Creator wore a snazzy leopard print hat, the rest of his outfit was not up to VMA standards. He showed up in a tye-dye cat t-shirt!

Finally, the guys from LMFAO showed up with the least amount of class. After seeing them, for obvious reasons, they’re on the worst dressed list.


Katy Perry, Queen of Costumes

I was disappointed to see that Lady GaGa didn’t have a slew of outfits at the VMA’s this year, but I’m glad Katy Perry stepped it up with a couple quick changes. First up was a cute kimono, followed by a purple floor length dress, topped by a literal version of color blocking, finished with a dress made of Katy’s own albums.

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Barbie Versus a Recent Personal Best, August 14-20

In this edition of best and worst, we get a lot of our looks from the event in the spotlight this past week, The VH1 Do Something awards. There were so many beautifully dressed stars this week which made it hard to narrow it down, but here are the top three best and worst:

Lady Gaga is always among the brave and the bold when it comes to her style. But when she’s at home, does she play it safe? This outfit she wore at home is definitely a recent personal best for her and one of the best of the week. Although we all love her crazy characters, we like it when she tones it down and shows her glamorous side, too.

Kim Kardashian looks stunning as one of the best this week. The sleek hair and to-die-for accessories take the look from beautiful to gorgeous.

After being out of the spotlight for so long, Demi Lovato shows us that she still knows how to dress as she slowly starts to come back into the spotlight. She’s simply glowing as one of the best this week.

Zoey Deschanel, clown collar and all, is one of the worst this week. I can’t tell what look she was going for, clown or aquatic creature?

Do you remember when Tyra Banks starred in “Life-size” in 2000, when she acted as a Barbie doll? She is one of the worst dressed this week when she reverted back to that role from eleven years ago at the Do Something Awards. Color blocking is trending, but not when it makes you look like an oversized Barbie.

Olivia Wilde finishes off the worst this week with her ensemble to the same award show. I do commend her clutch, but the dress is something my grandma might have worn. And no jewelry?

Forget HoHoHo, Can You Say GaGaGa?

Planning a winter getaway to the North Pole this holiday season? Well forget that! Why travel so far north when you could just come down to Barneys New York and visit GaGa’s Workshop?

The fame monster is taking over the fifth floor men’s department at Barneys and bringing her vision of Santa’s Workshop to all of her little monsters. The workshop is said to open mid-November and feature Lady GaGa’s decor as well as exclusive, limited-edition small gifts. To top it all off, Barneys will donate 25% of all sales in the workshop to GaGa’s choice of charities.

Do You Know This Mechanic?

I know it’s a bit late, but I’m still trying to get over the fact that this star isn’t actually a man. In the past, Lady Gaga has been known to wear outrageous outfits, but this one has gone a bit too far. For the cover of her new single, You And I, Lady Gaga dresses as her male alter ego, a mechanic, Jo Calderone. Dearest Lady Gaga, I love it when you inject steroids and flamboyance into your outfits, just cool it with the testosterone.

Not the Regular Choice

If you’re looking for a pair of statement shoes that are highly unlikely to be seen on anyone else, Irregular Choice IS your choice. They’re bright, bold and anything but the ordinary. Comfortably level is a question for some. In addition to shoes, they sell bags, clothes, and even menswear! These pieces are definitely not for everyone, but there are some tamer pieces, also. I can definitely see Lady Gaga in a pair from this brand. The website is worth a look. Check it out at irregularchoice.com. For now, take a look at some of these outrageous shoes!