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The Cutest Girl at the Movies

A week ago at this time I was beginning to watch the final Harry Potter movie at the midnight premiere at my local theater. This was my first Harry Potter premiere, and for any of you that have ever been to one, you know that these fans are insane! They are completely devoted to the series and memorize every line and lyric. Getting back on track, it was an amazing movie (and if you haven’t already seen it, it’s another must!) and the 3D only made it better. If I had known about this new must a week ago, there is no doubt I would have been the center of attention at the theater.

The current movie 3D glasses are cool the first few times, but they get old after everyone has taken them home and punched out the lenses for an inexpensive nerdy-chic look. These glasses are the most fashionable way to watch a movie. They’re sure to make you stand out and still keep your fashion sense close to heart at the theater. Not only will they work there, but also at home for any of you that have recently bought a new 3D tv. Unfortunately, this is currently the only style they come in, but I’m sure the future has many other colors and patters in store. The “Giles for LG 3D glasses” are great to use over and over again and are therefore a must-have for any fashionista!

You can buy your own pair now! Click on the link below and pay around $48 for these lasting stylish glasses!: http://www.selfridges.com/en/Home-Leisure/Categories/Technology/Accessories/Giles-Deacon-3D-Passive-glasses_761-10044-LGGILESDEACON/