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VMA’s Worst Dressed

After the best dressed stars showed up at the VMA’s, the worst dressed trailed not far behind. The worst dressed stars include:

She’s spotted, it’s floral, its dark and light, how many more elements can Miley Cyrus add to this outfit? At least it’s a step up from her typical trashy look.

Deena from the Jersey Shore showed up and shined on the black carpet. Of course I love everything that’s bedazzled, but showing up in a rainbow sequined dress is just plain ugly.

Kreayshawn tried to put together a playful look by wearing this sequin encrusted Mickey Mouse dress. Instead, she ended up looking a bright mess with her red sneakers, giant hoops, and ugly color blocked hair.

Leaving us speechless, and not in a good way, Nicki Minaj. Words just can’t even describe this ensemble.

Next, Lady Gaga was a true disappointment when she didn’t have any costume changes this year. After the unforgettable meat dress last year, it would have been hard to top. Not even wearing one fabulous outfit, Gaga showed up as Jo Calderone and let down lots of eager little monsters.

Although Tyler The Creator wore a snazzy leopard print hat, the rest of his outfit was not up to VMA standards. He showed up in a tye-dye cat t-shirt!

Finally, the guys from LMFAO showed up with the least amount of class. After seeing them, for obvious reasons, they’re on the worst dressed list.

VMA’s Best Dressed

After seeing everyone arrive on the black carpet, here are the best dressed stars from the VMAs:

Beyonce showed off her baby bump in this stunning dress. This silhouette is perfect for her figure and the color complements her skin town perfectly.

As one of the best last week, Demi Lovato stuns everyone once again as she glows and sparkles in this dress. Plus, her hair coloring is to dye for. <<Gotta love a good hair joke.

Demi’s best friend, Selena Gomez, looks amazing, too. She co-hosted the pre-show and arrived in this dark mullet dress. I wasn’t a fan of it at first, but it began to grow on me.

Next up is the beautiful Victoria Justice. I love her dress, but she leaves me wondering, what happened to her summer tan?

Finally, after also making an appearance on the Best & Worst list last week, Zoe Saldana looks wonderful in this little black dress with a hint of gold.

Beyonce’s Baby Bump

Beyonce debuted her baby bump at the VMA’s in the most fashionable way. After her performance,you could tell she was overjoyed as she ripped open her blazer and showed everyone her baby belly. To top it off, she was one of the best dressed on the black carpet in this dress below.

Katy Perry, Queen of Costumes

I was disappointed to see that Lady GaGa didn’t have a slew of outfits at the VMA’s this year, but I’m glad Katy Perry stepped it up with a couple quick changes. First up was a cute kimono, followed by a purple floor length dress, topped by a literal version of color blocking, finished with a dress made of Katy’s own albums.

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Jersey Shore Cast Hits the VMAs

Surprisingly, the majority of the Jersey Shore cast showed up to the VMAs with subtle style and some class. But which two members of the cast where the worst dressed? If it wasn’t already obvious, it’s Deena and Vinny (and for once it isn’t Snooki).

Deena showed up looking extremely tacky with her sequined rainbow dress and super chunky highlights.  Vinny just wasn’t dressed for the occasion with his checked shirt.

The rest of the cast really stepped it up for the event. And as for the Situation, he just wasn’t there.

Jessie J’s Bedazzled Boot

Of course The Bedazzled Bubble is going to write about Jessie J’s bedazzled boot. Nothing could keep Jessie J away from performing at this years VMAs, not even a broken ankle. Decked out for the event, she showed up on the black carpet in a bedazzled medical boot and with super shiny crutches. Now  that’s the way to break something and still show up in style.

Bieber Brings Snakes Back to the VMAs

Ten years ago in 2001, Britney Spears introduced the VMAs to a new style, reptile fashion. She danced around during her performance of “I’m A Slave 4 U” with a vibrant snake around her neck. At this years VMAs, Justin Bieber brought back the trend with his friend Johnson. Justin just took the cowardly way out by downsizing about 30 times.