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Up and coming trends to be on the lookout for.

Tooth Tattoos?

Most people freak out if they have spinach between their teeth or a lipstick smudged smile. In Japan, on the other hand, it’s quite normal to see people walking down the street with sassy colors on their teeth. Trending in japan right now are  temporary teeth tattoos.Will that trend land in the states anytime soon? Let’s hope not.


Fall’s Top 5 Ugliest Trends

Fall is on its way, as well as all of the trends that come with it. As always, trends come in 3 styles, the good, the bad, and of course, the ugly. Here are fall’s top 5 ugliest trends you’ll be glad not to take part in:

5. Board Shorts

Why would any woman wear these to the pool? Worse yet, why would any woman wear these in public? Don’t fall for board shorts this fall.

4. Spider Lashes

These are perfect for Halloween! Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what color your eye shadow is, spider lashes are not attractive. What would possess Miu Miu and Gucci to let their models walk the run way looking like this?

3. Detachable Collars

Most collars aren’t flattering in the first place. Why would you add a collar to a blouse that wasn’t even meant to have one?

2. Visors

Unless you are in the fast food or amusement park industry, visors are a thing of the past. Why would anyone revive the visor? It may block the sun, but wouldn’t you rather wear a cute pair of shades?

1. Gray Hair

Since the first sunset, people have searched the world for the fountain of youth. Everyone wants to look young, except for people trying out this trend. Gray hair makes me think of my grandma, not the latest trend.

Not Your Average Friendship Bracelet

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Remember at summer camp, when all of the girls sat under a tree and made friendship bracelets? This summer, friendship bracelets have come back, with a twist. These friendship bracelets are completely blinged out and are a fun way to add some color to an outfit. Be among Jessica Simpson and all of the other stars bringing these trending friendship bracelets back to life!

Like any of the friendship bracelets featured in this slide show? Go on a shopping spree! Here is the information for all of the bracelets featured:

Ettika Rhinestone Purple Friendship Bracelet…@… for $40 *** Ettika Seafoam Braided Bracelet…@… for $55 *** G By Guess Braided Friendship Bracelet…@… for $16.50 *** Chan Luu Beaded Wrap Nugget Bracelet…@… for $295 *** Juicy Couture Beaded Charmy Wrap Bracelet…@… for $48 *** Juicy Couture Embellished Friendship Bracelet… @… for $38

Tribal Prints

Tribal prints are in this summer! That doesn’t mean that you have to wear moccasins and hoops around your neck, but you must have this one in your closet! There are so many different color options to choose from and if you aren’t one to wear a bold dress like Blake Lively (left) or Paris Hilton (right), there are ways of adding more subtle hints of this great print ranging from bags with the print or even tops with it just around the neck line. If you do choose to wear a bright dress like the ones featured here, tone down the accessories and wear neutral colored shoes. You don’t need all of the extra bling, the pop of the print is sure to make you stand out in a crowd on its own. However you choose to show it, going tribal is a must this summer.